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Fry-it-Yourself Churro Dough *GLUTEN-SENSITIVE*


  • Our award-winning churro dough is made gluten-sensitive from scratch with real ingredients like gluten-free flour, butter, eggs, and Mexican vanilla. 
    • *** Our Gluten-Sensitive churro dough is actually made with our own recipe for gluten-free dough from a kitchen that is not certified GF. ***
  • Each ball of churro dough is chilled and ready for you to make and fry 10-12 mini churros or whatever other churro-inspired creation you imagine. 


Fry churros in oil at 375°F until desired golden perfection. Fill with any of our filling flavors (dulce de leche, nutella, sweet cream, lemon curd, or raspberry) to your hearts' content — also get creative with what you have around like honey, jam, nut butter, homemade fudge! And for added flavor "pop," we humbly suggest sprinkling some pink Himalayan salt on top!

San Diablo's churro maker with a free e-book of recipes and signature cinnamon sugars! 


We ship our churro dough frozen with an ice pack in a cooler to arrive to you in 2-3 days via USPS or UPS. Once it leaves our kitchen we cannot predict or be held responsible for shipping delays. However, our products are packed to withstand a 24-36 hour delay. We do recommend that you purchase our NO HASSLE SHIPPING INSURANCE- Secure Your Shipment for Only $.98 to cover your order in case of longer delays causing the product to arrive not chilled, damaged, or theft to your package. 

Upon the arrival of your package, we recommend you chill or freeze the dough. Chill in the refrigerator if you are planning on making churros within 5-7 days from arrival. Freeze in the freezer if you are planning on making churros 7+ days from arrival. Frozen dough can last weeks in the freezer before churro making. Thaw dough thoroughly hours before you plan on making churros.