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Churro Mix: Classic Dry-Mix Churro Dough Packet

With fresh churros, every party becomes a fiesta! Take your dessert experience to a whole new level with fresh churro you make at home with our just-add-water gourmet churro dry mix packet that yields 13 mini churros ~2.5" long!  Now you can have this churro mix delivered anywhere in the USA.  

Perfect for some deep-friend happiness at your next:  
  • Family activity
  • Date night
  • Team Building event 
  • DIY Foodie experience
  • Holiday celebration

  • Our Best-of-State award-winning dry churro mix — just add water to make 13 gourmet mini churros 2½" long.
    • Gluten-free and Vegan churro mix packets available soon!  


In less than 10 minutes, you can make the dough and fry churros! Just add boiling water to the dry mix dough and fry oil at 375°F until desired golden perfection. Dust with our signature cinnamon sugar (sold separately). Fill with any of our filling flavors (also sold separately: dulce de leche, nutella, sweet cream, lemon curd, or raspberry) to your hearts' content — also get creative with what you have around like honey, jam, nut butter, homemade fudge! And for added flavor "pop," we humbly suggest sprinkling some pink Himalayan salt on top!


We do recommend that you purchase our NO HASSLE SHIPPING INSURANCE- Secure Your Shipment for Only $.98 to cover your order in case of longer delays causing the product to arrive damaged, or theft to your package.